The Healthy Hive Guide

By | August 27, 2019

This second edition of the Healthy Hive Guide is provided to help both new and experienced beekeepers identify problems within their honey bee hives. Each of the images has a short explanation; however it is clear that not all problems manifest themselves in exactly the same way every time. It is sometimes enough for beekeepers to recognise that they may have a problem and therefore seek help and further advice from more experienced beekeepers, their local associations or national organisations.

This book introduces the reader to all areas of pests and diseases and how to recognise and deal with potential problems within the hive.

The Healthy Hive Guide is endorsed by the British Beekeepers Association

Authors hold the highest qualification in British Beekeeping

Designed for both new and experienced beekeepers

Covers all aspects of beekeeping pests and diseases

Beautifully illustrated throughout with many specially shot images

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