The Lectin Free Recipe Cookbook: Healthy & Delicious Recipes to Reduce Inflammation, Feel Better, and Live Longer

By | May 5, 2018

Eat your way to looking and feeling healthier!
Do you often feel bloated, have decreased energy, or can t seem to lose that stubborn extra fat?
Until recently, lectins were not well understood, but science has shown that Lectin is responsible for inflammation, poor digestion, decreased energy, all of which can result in a shorter life-span. Fear not! These delicious and easy to make recipes will get you on the right path. These meals are fantastic for the whole family, and even picky-eater and kid approved.

  • Delicious & healthy
  • Breakfasts, dinner, snacks, and more
  • Step-by-Step instructions
  • Recipes by Reg. Dietitian

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Try to eliminate GRAINS from your diet - for at least a few days and see if you feel better!!!

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Anonymous on 05/05/2018 at 19:01.

I’m not sure yet if lectin is the culprit, but I’ve always had stomach pain and bloating when I eat most foods. I put up with it for many years just thinking “well, I guess this is how it is” and accepting it as normal. I’m really hoping this works for me, the research I’ve seen sounds positive. I will try to report back after a couple weeks and see what difference I can see. In the meantime, even if lectin isn’t the problem for me, this book does have some delicious recipes and the layout…

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