The Meat & Potatoes of a healthy meal plan…no bun intended: A Practical Guide for Healthy Dietary Change

By | January 18, 2018

Most nutrition books educate you about food, give you lists of what you should and shouldn’t be eating, and provide recipes. After reading these books, you may feel sincerely inspired to make changes, but fall short when it comes to implementation. This is often because these books never really gave you comprehensive, practical and realistic tips on how to integrate these changes on a daily basis, so don’t beat yourself up! Reading The Meat and Potatoes of a Healthy Meal Plan is just like having a one-on-one consultation with a nutritionist, providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to stop dieting and start focusing on learning the fundamentals behind lifelong healthy eating. The Meat and Potatoes of a Healthy Meal Plan will teach you how to lose excess body fat, decrease inflammation, and increase energy, just by consistently eating real foods. The nutrition principles in this book are based on an anti-inflammatory diet for weight loss and disease prevention. This book provides practical nutrition education and realistic tips for easy implementation, with a table of contents specifically designed for use as a quick reference guide. There’s no fluff – just the tools you need to easily transition into a healthy lifestyle, presented in an accessible, informative, easy-to read format. In The Meat and Potatoes of a Healthy Meal Plan you will find: * Recipes based on a healthy gluten-, and dairy-free plan, with suggestions for ingredient substitutions and additions based on your individual needs and tastes *Last minute on-the-go meal and product suggestions for healthy and fast meals and snacks *Tips to streamline food preparation, reducing your time in the kitchen *Super simple 4-week menu with grocery lists and step-by-step instructions, for effortless grocery shopping *Tips for making healthy choices when dining out, so you can feel confident you’re your restaurant meal choices align with your wellness plan *Tips for taking on dietary changes in stages, allowing you to learn and implement your new nutritional knowledge at your own pace * sports nutrition information, so you can be armed with knowledge on how to best feed your active body *How to overcome the most common obstacles that people face when trying to make healthy dietary changes (time management, trigger foods, environmental triggers, hunger, emotional eating, motivation, etc.) * Healthiest products and meal plan for those that do not need to be gluten- or dairy-free. This book will also help you answer to the following questions: How do I change my diet without suffering? Do I need to remove gluten and/or dairy form my diet entirely? How can I realistically eliminate cheese? How can fat be good? Which is the best sweetener to use? Why is whole grain bread not the same as eating a whole grain? What are the healthiest grocery products to buy? What should I eat if I have digestive issues? How can I eat healthy without breaking the bank? … and much more

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