The New High Intensity Training: The Best Muscle-Building System You’ve Never Tried

By | February 12, 2019

Certain to become the bible of HIT-the training that revolutionized lifting with shorter, far-more-intense workouts-New High Intensity Training by Ellington Darden is the last word on how to achieve explosive growth safely, without steroids!

For many dedicated bodybuilders, the weight-lifting theories of Arthur Jones are gospel. It was Jones, the inventor of Nautilus exercise equipment, who first discovered that short, intense workouts could produce better results than the long, high-volume workouts then in vogue.

Even though research into Jones’s methods has proved them correct, a number of high-profile strength coaches use HIT to train their athletes, and the bodybuilding magazine Ironman does HIT-based features every issue, there still are no major HIT books in stores. This new book-by champion bodybuilder, exercise researcher, and best-selling author Ellington Darden, who is a Jones disciple and friend-shows lifters how to apply the master’s teachings, along with some new HIT concepts to achieve extraordinary results.

At the heart of the book is a complete, illustrated, six-month course for explosive growth. Exercise by exercise, workout by workout, the reader is shown precisely what to do, and perhaps even more important, what not to do. Charging that too many bodybuilders follow a more-is-better approach-too many exercises, too many sets, and too much frequency-and rely on steroids to compensate for depleted recovery ability, Darden shows why HIT, steroid-free and healthy, is the best way to safely build muscle. Finally, the exercise religion Arthur Jones founded, and Darden fine-tuned, has its bible.

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Anonymous on 02/12/2019 at 13:02.

Not Great Most of the negative reviews fall into two categories:1: They hate Arthur Jones.2: The say there is nothing “new” in this book.I haven’t read any of Ell’s former books, so I didn’t find any repetition. I am going to try his workout program (I’m already a HIT believer). My only real complaint is that he seems to take some shots at Mike Mentzer. Mentzer may not have been perfect, but he was probably the most recognizable champion of HIT philosophy. There aren’t a ton…

Anonymous on 02/12/2019 at 13:24.

Informative insightful book. For me this book is worth the price of admission for the overtraining/recovery section alone. I always do too much and since I started taking my recovery into more consideration I am adding more size and am able to go harder in the gym. It gives some sound reasoning why “chasing the pump” isnt necessarily the best route as well. The more books I read on training as opposed to muscle mags the more I realize that muscle mags are all ghost written and their only goal is to sell products…

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