The New Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children

By | November 21, 2015

In a logical, well-articulated manner, Rosemond provides many examples, making this a practical rather than philosophical reference . . . Rosemond’s thorough explanations and real-life examples make this a valuable resource for parents of both young and older children.” –Library Journal

Renowned and respected family psychologist John Rosemond blames child-centered parenting books from recent decades for creating a generation of dependent, often defiant children. He sets the record straight in The New Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children, an updated version of his highly successful book published more than fifteen years ago.

Booms in technology and mass media have created significant changes in society in the last two decades. The text in this revised book has been thoroughly updated to reflect today’s society, yet the foundation of Rosemond’s timeless and effective approach remains constant. He encourages families to return to tried-and-true, fundamental parenting truths that people did naturally before the “new science of parenting”:

* Parents aren’t their children’s friends; they are their leaders.

* Parents are at the center of a family-not kids.

* Your marriage must come before your children.

Each chapter includes easy-to-relate-to questions from parents, which Rosemond answers with both common sense and a sense of humor. For families feeling overwhelmed by competing advice about parenting, this book will ground them with logical, proven approaches to the most significant challenges parents face today. From issues such as self-esteem and discipline to television and chores, this straightforward guidance will facilitate a return to parent-centered families where children are raised into responsible adults.

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A reader on 11/21/2015 at 19:55.

Great book This is a new and longer version of Rosemond’s original 6 point plan book. Rosemond is “old fashioned” in his pareting advice. He thinks good parenting is based on the use of common sense, and not learned from studying parenting theories and applying them to analyze your children. He thinks responsibility, resourcefulness and respect are the 3 most important things to instill in your children-and this book will tell you how to do that.This book has a lot of Q & A, some of which will…

T. Myslinski on 11/21/2015 at 20:19.

Excellent – back to basics I was thrilled with this book and agreed with 95% of his advice. John Rosemond removes guilt, babying, whininess, and overstimulation from the parenting equation. It freed me, as a pregnant woman, to parent in the way I instinctively would. His theories make complete sense and seem to align with a child’s natural development (i.e. how can a 2 year old be reasoned with, or why should we ask a child to “please” do something, therefore giving him/her the option). There are WAY too many overly…

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