The Okinaway of Life

By | October 29, 2018

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Try to eliminate GRAINS from your diet - for at least a few days and see if you feel better!!!


Anonymous on 10/29/2018 at 06:05.

Great documentary. A pleasure to “meet” this strong and …

Anonymous on 10/29/2018 at 06:09.

Impactful if you’re open, otherwise trite and light. Informative, subtly inspiring, and a bit dry.5 stars because it was impactful. Five Key topics discussed were introduced: (1) the role of healthy social interaction (family mentioned more than friends), (2) feeling you have a purpose or need to be alive (3) nutrition (4) exercise and (5) stress.The documentary has brief interviews with primarily Okinawan people, typically 60 or above. Doctors and caretakers are interviewed too. Clips of day to day life are the backdrop…

Anonymous on 10/29/2018 at 06:24.

this was beautiful. Do yourself a favor and watch this amazing Oh my goodness, this was beautiful. Do yourself a favor and watch this amazing, eye-opening documentary. I’m showing this one to my 60-ish year old parents for sure, so maybe they will get some tips. It really honed in on the importance of maintaining muscle mass and bone strengthening, the importance of love, family, and eating healthy foods. I’ll now have to visit my asian grocer for some of these veggies/fruits-and try to find some recipes. This has become one of my top-10 favorite…

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