The Younger Next Year Back Book: The Whole-Body Plan to Conquer Back Pain Forever

By | April 6, 2019

At some point in their lives, 80% of Americans will seek expert help for back pain. It’s an epidemic, with a cost to society in medical expenses and lost productivity that is steeper than heart disease. But remember the 80% figure—that’s the astonishing cure rate at Dr. Jeremy James’s Aspen Club Back Institute. A Doctor of Chiropractic who took that path because of his own severe injury-induced back pain, he has developed a revolutionary behavioral/whole-body approach to help sufferers heal—and often eliminate—back pain forever.

Co-written with Chris Crowley, The Younger Next Year Back Book follows the alternating chapter format of the #1 New York Times bestselling Younger Next Year and other books in the series. And just as millions of readers positively changed their lives following Harry’s Rules in Younger Next Year, the millions of back pain sufferers can find relief following Jeremy’s rules, including Stop Doing Dumb Stuff, Be Still So You Can Heal, and Stand Tall for the Long Haul. He explains the workings of the spine and muscles, and then why back pain is almost never a disease, per se, but the result of behavior. He then shows how to change our behavior, find a neutral spine, and begin a regimen of simple exercises—with step-by-step two-color illustrations—to realign our core to virtually eliminate back pain forever. Chris Crowley, in his been-there-done-that-and-you-can-too-damnit! voice, provides all the motivation and patient perspective we need.

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Anonymous on 04/06/2019 at 18:14.

Who knew I could fix my own back pain?! This book was recommended to me by a friend who swore by the results she saw and I am forever grateful. I thought my lower back pain was caused by twenty years of competitive horseback riding (and many falls) but Chris Crowley and Dr. James were right. It was actually caused by my own bad habits…endless hours hunched over my laptop. The exercises outlined in the book are simple to do and take about 10 minutes each morning. They’re well explained and illustrated with “troubleshooting”…

Anonymous on 04/06/2019 at 18:29.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear I had a severe episode of sciatica three weeks ago (unable to stand, walk, or even sit) and saw my doctor who recommended Jeremy’s book and his web site. Just reading the book and practicing the “neutral spine” concept and the recommended isometrics brought immediate relief. Although I am still in pain, in one week, I am down from a 9/10 to a 6/10.I am convinced that using a “neutral spine” prevented the sciatica from getting worse. Last time I had sciatica, I was constantly putting…

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