Truth About Abs !: Loose Belly Fat

By | June 24, 2018

Six Pack Abs Want to get six pack abs? There are a number of ways to get six pack abs. Here are some of the methods and what you need to avoid get the best results. Diet One of the most important factors in six pack abs is your diet. You simple can’t see the muscles of your abdominals if you don’t eat properly. Foods you should include are vegetables, fruit, while grains, lean meats, fish, nuts, and seeds. You must eliminate processed foods entirely and watch your caloric intake when you eat. Sugar is your absolute enemy when it comes to a six pack so eliminate sugar as much a possible. You need to drink plenty of water when trying to get six pack abdominals so add water and not sugary beverages to your diet. Exercise is not enough you need to reduce your calories by eating whole natural foods and eliminating processed food from your diet. Fat Loss Reducing body fat comes from eating fewer calories than you consume. By exercising you’ll burn off these excessive calories but doing crunch or other abdominal exercises won’t make your muscles show. You can tone your muscles but to get them to show you need to drop pounds and inches which will allow the muscles to show through. No amount of exercise will work unless you reduce the fat percentage on your body. Spot Reduction Exercises that isolate the abdominal muscles will build up the muscle so it looks better but this still won’t allow the muscle to show through if you’re carrying around fat on your body. Abdominal exercises allow the muscle to get bigger and stronger but it’s the fat loss that will allow the natural muscle to show through. By doing crunches or other exercises all day but not reducing calories or fat you’re not going to get anywhere and you’ll never see six pack abdominals on your body. Commitment To get rid of the fat on your body you’ll need to be committed to it. This means you need to write down every calorie you consume and make sure depending upon your size and weight that you’re eating less to lose fat and unwanted pounds. Just remember that to see your abdominals you need a very low body fat percentage. With f at on your body that abdominals will be covered up and you won’t see the results. Never give up on your goal as it can take time to lose weight and reduce the fat on your body to the level required to see abdominals properly. Avoid Gimmicks Six pack abdominals won’t come from gimmicks such as “ab exercise” machines. These can build your muscles, but without fat loss the muscles won’t show through on your body. Pills and other products are also not recommended. The only way is with a sustained fat loss program so the muscles you are training show through. Hard Work Pays Off With hard work, a good diet and sustained fat loss you’ll see abdominal muscles on your body. No other method will work as well as fat reduction and commitment to see it through.

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