Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet: Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way

By | May 12, 2019

Ancestors and canine cousins of our dogs didn’t eat “krunchy kibble” or “meat ‘n gravy in a can.” They ate what they found or caught… and it wasn’t cooked or “enriched” either! It was high in protein, with balanced fats, and usually included a few fruits, vegetables and grasses. Steve Brown, an expert on canine nutrition, shows how you can bring the benefits of the canine ancestral diet to your dog by feeding him differently as little as just one day a week. And no, you won’t need to lead a pack of dogs on a hunting expedition! Just follow Steve’s well-researched and easy to follow ABCs to make improvements to whatever your dog currently eats. BONUS! Raw food or home prepared feeders will learn how to balance nutrients more precisely, especially fats, for optimum health.A dog diet to get wild about!-Learn about the latest research on the importance of protein and healthy fats in your dog’s diet.-Find out why commercial foods can’t include these fragile-but-crucial nutrients, and how you can make sure your dog gets them.-Just one day a week, or more frequently if you choose, follow the simple recipes that balance the nutrition in the commercial food you are feeding—wet or dry!

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Anonymous on 05/12/2019 at 09:06.

Perfect Book for Those Interested in Balancing the Science and Practice of Canine Nutrition I purchased this book because I was concerned about the Ca:P ratios (and absolute amounts) in the RAW diets that I have seen (and was using) relative to the research that I had undertaken. In conducting my research, I came across one of Steve’s papers which validated my concerns, and helped me make immediate changes in my regimen.I believe that RAW feeding is a lifestyle choice that may not suit the majority of dog owners. Until this year, my 36th year as an adult dog owner, I’ve…

Anonymous on 05/12/2019 at 09:22.

A MUST READ FOR DOG LOVERS! AWESOME BOOK!! GREAT INFORMATION!! I have 2 JRT’s. One of them, from the time I brought her home at 12 weeks old, was itching so much, that he skin was constantly really pink. She itched so much she kept ME awake at night. We went to the Vet, checked her for everything, ruled out even more, but the only solution they could come up with was giving her steroids every spring & fall (when it was at it’s worst). I didn’t like the idea of having her put on steroids at such a young age & keeping her on them lifetime! Especially…

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