VENSMILE Humane Mouse Traps That Work for Catch Mice Alive and Release, Bigger Size Green Smart Mouse Trap No Kill Live Mousetrap Safe for Family Use(1)

By | October 23, 2018

VENSMILE Humane Mouse Trap No Kill Bigger Version is a safe way to deal with unwanted house guests. This designed product has been developed to cause the least possible amount of stress to mice when they are caught, so they can be captured and released unharmed. Its plastic construction is easy to clean and fully reusable too. This humane poison-free solution is also perfectly safe to use around children and pets.

1.Pull out the bait station and then place some baits in it,peanut butter, chocolate, cheese works well.
2.Toggle the spring lock to the left,rotate the entry door to the top place.
3.Place trap on a flat surface where you think the mouse is traveling along.When the mouse goes inside it triggers the flap to close.
4.It is important to check the trap frequently so as to not to cause undo fear, stress and suffering to the guys. This is the way to go to relocate unwelcome guests in a safe, humane way.

Once you have the mice captured,released about 3 miles away and let them out so they would not find their way back.Make sure clean the trap thoroughly with hot water and soap before resetting it.

Product Name: VENSMILE Humane Mouse Trap
Material:See-through plastic

Product Features

  • HUMANE – It is humane because there is no gut splatter and you don’t have to touch mouse anyhow,catch mice alive,open the door (somewhere away outside) and mice go away.
  • PERFECTLY SAFE – No longer suffer in the glue,and this humane poison-free solution is also perfectly safe to use around children and pets.
  • RECYCLABLE – Fully reusable,saving your money. Just remember to clean it thoroughly with hot water before resetting it.
  • BIGGER VERSION – We make this trap bigger and longer so it can also catch large rats just as easily as small mice, big enough for rats
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- Customer First,Service Foremost. This Humane Mouse Trap is backed by our money back guarantee with 100% refund of the purchase in 60 days. We are glad to solve your problem if you need help. Purchase with total, risk-free confidence.

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