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By | June 11, 2018

Is your kitty shredding draperies and furniture? A vet clinic provided cat climbing tree is the answer!

Veterinarians will let you know that cats make wonderful pets and can be highly entertaining to watch. Their behaviors can also be a bit eccentric, such as the cat who has been calmly and deliberately cleaning himself for half an hour and then suddenly tears off down the hall and up the side of a door. He may then perch on the top of the door, peering down as though a little mousie might conveniently pass his way. Although odd, they can certainly make you laugh. However, when Kitty tears back down the hall and launches himself at your living room drapes, fiercely clinging as the drapes come down, the laughter is likely to stop! As you survey the ruins, you realize this can’t continue, but what’s the answer?

Cats love to climb as seen in the veterinary clinic, it’s as natural and essential to their happiness as eating, drinking and sleeping! Cats, being cats, spend their days amusing themselves with whatever shenanigans they can manage. Climbing and sharpening their claws are favored activities especially at the animal hospital. If you don’t provide them with some of their very own furnishings, they will use yours.

Cat owners who are unfamiliar with these basic facts may have seen a cat climbing tree at the veterinary clinic retail area and thought this invention to be a plaything for the rich, dilettante cat. Not so! Once Kitty’s torn down your draperies, you’d better get thee to the pet shop and invest in a cat climbing tree. This kitty toy will save the rest of your furnishings. Your vet knows best!

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