Wild Heart Healthy Life: When the Odds Are Against You, Your Lifestyle Matters

By | May 14, 2019

National conflicts, terrorist-attacks and catastrophic events are just a few variables shaping our lives in society today. As children, we are supposed to be resilient to adverse experiences, however the underlining truth is revealed as we become adults. ACEs and PTSD is becoming a commonly known factor among those suffering from depression; which can be altered through diet, exercise and our social environment. Ask yourself if you, or love one, has been exposed to psychological (verbal), physical, sexual abuse or has lived in a dysfunctional household (e.g., substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, or criminal behaviors). After conceptualizing over decades of my personal adverse childhood experiences, military experiences, diet and exercise behaviors, I can honestly explain how your long-term health outcome may be improved regardless of the adverse exposures you may have endured in your life. Becoming mindful of mood triggers, diet, exercise, and your social environment can save lives.

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