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By | December 12, 2018

Product Name: Cartoon hot water bottle.
Material: rubber.
Product color: red bottom A, red bottom B, orange bottom, blue bottom, gray blue.
Features: water leakage, comfortable and soft, long-lasting insulation
Hot water bottle type: flush hot water bottle.
Suitable for the crowd: men and women, children.
1. Inject 80 °C 90 °C warm water to maintain long-term warmth, too high water temperature will shorten the product life;
2. The amount of water injection should not exceed 2/3 of the capacity of the hot water bottle.

Product Features

  • Fabric analysis: Knitted fabric is comfortable and soft, and it is warmer when it comes to the skin.
  • Design explanation: We not only design hot water bottles, but also want to express a kind of ‘love and play’ life proposition, do real self, keep children’s innocence pure, and insist on the quality of their own life style.
  • Natural rubber drops are precious: only 27 grams of rubber can be collected per rubber tree per day, and 4 rubber trees can be produced in one day to make a hot water bottle.
  • Strictly selected process refuses to leak water: Each hot water bottle is strictly tested to refuse water leakage before leaving the factory.
  • Only you need, I am warm and lingering: warm hands and feet, go to the palace cold, slow back pain, treatment of the shoulder and neck, fever, cold, sprain cold, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

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