Juxtapoz #171 April 2015

By | December 15, 2018

There are very few figures of the last 25 years that can cross the barriers of pop, underground, and progressive art quite like Bjork. She has transformed the way we look at music, video art, stage performances, and overall artistic persona unlike any artist we can think of. In conjunction with the opening of her special retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, the April 2015 cover is a celebration of the past, present, and future of Bjork. Also in April 2015: -An interview with Bjork curator, Klaus Biesenbach -A special conversation with the son of famed fashion photographer, the late Guy Bourdin -Alicia McCarthy is live from V1 Gallery in Copenhagen -Tom Adler creates the West Coast aesthetic -Martin Machado sails the seven seas -Mike Aho describes the “Lonely Life” with Will Oldham -Martin Wittfooth gets mystical -Broken Fingaz get a little dirty in Israel -Vanessa Prager opens a new body of work at Richard Heller Gallery -Boogie is back -Hudson Marquez tells tales of the South -Chris Brunkhart exposes his vision of NYC -…. and we take a trip to New Orleans with Todd Mazer

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