Milwaukee Health (Milwaukee Magazine special issue) (Spring 2016): Your Best Body Ever, Wheat Belly Blues, Bring Your Baby to the Gym, Men with Eating Disorders, etc.

By | November 11, 2018

On the front cover: “15 Healthy Restaurant Meals That You’ll Love! / Wheat Belly Blues,” “Your Best Body Ever,” “Bring Your Baby to the Gym (Really!),” “Wake Up Your Workout,” “Chic Fitness Trackers,” “Plus Top Trainers, De-Stress Your Kids, Help for Men with Eating Disorders,” “Banish Bad Habits,” “Wellness. Fitness. Diet. Prevention.” Cover model: Wanaki (Ford Chicago). Cover photo: Adam Ryan Morris.

Carole Nicksin, “Logrolling, Anyone?” (Editor’s Letter)
“Get on the Fast Track to Health”
Maggie Ginsberg, “Diet: Dose & Don’ts”
Joseph Boyle, “Fit: On the Run”
“Rx for Daily Life: Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthier You”
Eben Pindyck, “Craving Healing” (“To fill an urgent need, Rogers Memorial started the nation’s first residential treatment program for men with eating disorders”)
Erik Gunn & Matt Hrodey, “Water: A Drop Will Do” (“Why lithium could be the best thing since flouride”)
Jonathan Powell, “Run: Get Moving” (“Whether you prefer mud or trail, concrete or street, there’s a run for you”)
Claire Hanan, “Wheat Bullied: Ten Days of Eating against the Grain”
Eben Pindyck, “Amp Up: Your Workout with an Awesome Trainer” (Alberto Mercedes, Hannah Saiz, Shana Verstegen, Jeff Brand, Keith Shimon, Alex Mariani
Jenna Kashou, “Deep Breaths: Mindfulness Classes Help Milwaukee Students De-stress”
Ann Christenson, “Healthy Every Day” (“Our dining editor guides you to the most scrumptious guilt-free dishes, all around town”)
Matt Hrodey, “Access to Care: A Downtown Clinic Offers Refuge & Basic Medical Services for the Homeless”
Bonnie Miller Rubin & Joseph Boyle, “Workout with Wee Ones: Gyms Become a Place for Cross-Generational Fitness”
“Top Dentists Listings”
Carolyn Kott Washburne, “Point of View” (“Megan Sai Dogra, a University School of Milwaukee junior, helps victims of a 1984 tragedy in India with her ‘Assist Bhopal’ documentary”)


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