Miracle Noodle Shirataki Pasta, 6 bag Variety Pack, 44 ounces (Includes: 2 Shirataki Angel Hair, 2 Shirataki Rice and 2 Shirataki Fettuccini)

By | October 4, 2015

Miracle Noodles are packed-full with medically documented health benefits. Enjoy them as a fat-free staple in any low-carb, high-fiber diet. Made from water and soluble fiber, Miracle Noodles naturally slow the digestion process and leave you feeling fuller, longer. Ready-to-eat almost instantly, Miracle Noodles are good for you and leave you feeling great.

Product Features

  • Miracle Noodle’s 3 best sellers all in 1 box: 2 Shirataki Angel hair(7Oz each), 2 Shirataki Rice(8Oz each) & 2 Shirataki Fettuccini(7Oz each)
  • Soy Free, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Vegan
  • Zero net carbs, Zero calories, Zero glycemic index
  • The soluble fiber found in the Miracle Noodle slows digestion and aids in fat-loss
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

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BonAMac_ on 10/04/2015 at 14:56.

I was COMPELLED to write a review… Okay. I was extremely skeptical of these little water-filled baggies of “fake noodles”. I had read horror stories about the fishy odor and rubbery texture. As a low-carb junkie, I REALLY missed the sauces and meals associated with pasta. Enter the Miracle Noodle.Here’s what I feel should be addressed:- THE SMELL. Maybe my sinuses are flared up worse than I realize, or maybe I’m at a genetic disadvantage with a lowered sense of smell. But whatever the case, I did…

Chelsea Freeburn on 10/04/2015 at 15:19.

Awesome pasta substitute for those who can’t have carbs! I have no complaints about this product. I really could not have been happier! I have a lipid disorder that restricts me from eating carbs (esp. refined), & before my diagnosis, I was all but a carb addict. Giving up pasta was horrible/terrifying & I was desperate to find a replacement. In the grocery store, I had picked up some tofu shirataki & was pretty pleased, but was very curious to try these “guilt free” noodles. I am SO glad I decided to try them.While I absolutely…

Blondie on 10/04/2015 at 15:44.

Like Ramen Noodles I bought the variety pack. This review is for the angel hair noodles. I read positive and negative reviews. The talk about fishy smell was off-putting but the lure of zero calorie “pasta” got me. As stated elsewhere, the slightly fishy smell goes away quickly as soon as the noodles are rinsed. I also took the advice of someone who said they used these like ramen noodles. I love ramen noodles but not all those calories, so after I soaked the noodles and drained them, I cooked them for four…