Now Foods Candida Support Formula, Veg-capsules, 180-Count

By | January 15, 2015

Candida Support™ is a combination of herbal ingredients (Pau D’Arco, Black Walnut and Oregano Oil), Biotin (a B-complex vitamin) and Caprylic Acid (a naturally occurring fatty acid derived from plant oils). These synergistic ingredients help to support a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria. The beneficial bacteria that normally populate the gut assist in the digestion of food, produce certain vitamins and promote detoxification processes.*

Product Features

  • Candida Support? – 180 Vcaps
  • Serving Size: 2 Vcaps
  • Servings Per Container: 90

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Kidney and Bladder Support

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Michael Chrisley on 01/15/2015 at 15:57.

Seems to work well. I was having problems with an external candida infection, and decided to give these a try. They taste a little funny going down, and while they’re dissolving in your stomach (it has a kind of woody taste), but they did seem to help clear the infection up faster. It’s important to attack both the candida inside and outside when you’re trying to get rid of an infection. Surprisingly, most people have candida in their systems, but don’t notice any symptoms. Even if you don’t end up with itching,…

Anita Burns on 01/15/2015 at 16:13.

Great Formula 0