Professional Botanicals Candida X2 – Extra Strength Natural Vegan Candida Support and Detox- 90 Vegetarian Capsules

By | April 26, 2019

Antibiotics, fungi, viruses and our diets can disrupt normal bacteria, which suppress the immune system’s ability to fight infection. Excessive intakes of alcohol, sugar, soda and processed foods may lead to symptoms including bloating, gassiness, digestive issues and irritability. These factors can lead to a higher frequency of fungal, yeast, mold and parasitic infections. Although several species of fungi are potentially harmful for humans, candida (especially candida albicans) is the organism responsible for most fungal infections. Candida, which is normally present within the human body, is usually harmless. However, it can cause damage when a weakened immune system or other factors allow it to grow unabated. If it grows to the point of getting into the bloodstream, candida becomes systemic, which may create a domino effect of organ failure. Anyone can get a fungal infection, but the elderly, critically ill and individuals with weakened immunity have a higher risk. Designed to support the body’s immune system when fighting microorganisms, candida-x2 has been specially formulated using the latest research and clinical trials to improve the effectiveness of the immune system in all areas of the body. This formula may also be used to reduce skin rashes, mold buildup and viruses.

Product Features

  • Supports reducing infections
  • Supports removing fungal overgrowth
  • Supports removing yeast and mold overgrowth
  • Supports killing viruses

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