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Hot Water Bottle Lovely Carry On Mini Hot Water Bottle Female Explosion Proof Warm Belly Water Injection Largewarm Water Bag Hand Warmers,Redbottoma

By | December 12, 2018

Product Name: Cartoon hot water bottle.Material: rubber.Product color: red bottom A, red bottom B, orange bottom, blue bottom, gray blue.Features: water leakage, comfortable and soft, long-lasting insulationHot water bottle type: flush hot water bottle.Suitable for the crowd: men and women, children.Precautions:1. Inject 80 °C 90 °C warm water to maintain long-term warmth, too high water […]

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4″ Hand Held Service Bell – Polished Brass, Vintage Brass Reception Service Counter Lobby Concierge Patient Attendant Calling Call Bell

By | December 11, 2017

The Elegant brass bell is 4.25 inch from the base to the tip of the handle. It weighs 0.25 Lb and rings with a melodious “ting a ling Ding”. Great for gifting and decor. Product Features 4.25 inch from base to tip of handle Rings with a melodious sound Made of Brass and made in […]

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