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Everyday Wisdom for Living with Faith: Inspiration for Christians

By | February 15, 2019

Uplifting and Amazing Words of Wisdom In this book you will find incredibly inspiring and eye-opening stories from people all over the world who share one trait—they have all found faith in God and all are willing to share their lesson. The author originally conducted interviews with older adults, who had so much to share […]

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On Spice: Advice, Wisdom, and History with a Grain of Saltiness

By | January 5, 2019

A revealing look at the history and production of spices, with modern, no-nonsense advice on using them at home. Every home cook has thoughts on the right and wrong ways to use spices. These beliefs are passed down in family recipes and pronounced by television chefs, but where do such ideas come from? Many are […]

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Everyday Wisdom: Extraordinary Inspiration from Around the World

By | June 4, 2017

If you could tell the world anything, what would it be? The idea for this book stemmed from the author’s inspirational thesis titled “Words of Wisdom,” which comprised of interviews conducted with older adults. By asking them about their purpose in life, success, happiness, and any advice they wanted to share, we gain insight into […]

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