The Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen Cookbook: More Than 100 Healing, Low-Histamine, Gluten-Free Recipes

By | April 12, 2019

Learn how inflammation occurs in the body, how it contributes to your symptoms, and how a properly calibrated diet of delicious, therapeutic dishes can help alleviate your discomfort.
If you suffer from fatigue, migraines, eczema, allergic reactions, mast cell activation, celiac disease, IBS, chronic hives, or an inflammatory condition such as arthritis, these delicious low-histamine, anti-inflammatory, and gluten-free dishes will help you embrace the healing power of food. Enjoy a Cornmeal Scallion Waffle Egg Sandwich for breakfast, a Quinoa Dill Summer Salad or Roasted Carrot Hummus Wrap for lunch, a Fajita Chicken Rice Bowl or Lemon & Dill Salmon Cakes for dinner, and then Maple Shortbread Cookies or a Mascarpone Fruit Tart for dessert. This must-have cookbook also features helpful lists of foods and supplements to eat and to avoid, cooking tips, kitchen hacks, recommendations for eating out, a month-long meal plan, and a selection of 15-minute meal ideas. Eating healthy never tasted so good!

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Do you want to feel better? Try to eliminate GRAINS from your diet - for at least a few days and see if you feel better!!!


Anonymous on 04/12/2019 at 14:06.

Helpful but… Tho author explains well what histamine intolerance is, the recipes don’t really follow common guidelines on foods proven to be histamine stimulants. e.g. too many ingredients include “bad” ingredients like whole eggs (tho somewhere in text she suggests how to sub), beans, mushrooms etc. Granted it depends on which list you abide by (you need to pick 1 and see what your individual sensitivities are. I use Switzerland’s volunteer non profit SIGHI with i/p from near 1,000 ppl worldwide and list>…

Anonymous on 04/12/2019 at 14:25.

Great recipes but…

Anonymous on 04/12/2019 at 14:25.

Great Information and Delicious Recipes I was very excited to receive this cookbook! I found the information in the introduction about the anti-inflammatory diet, and the foods list very informative (and I like that there is a reference section so I can read more). The what to eat / what to avoid section is a super helpful quick reference guide (since I am new to this) that I can check before jetting off to buy ingredients and groceries. So far I have made two recipes, and bought ingredients for a few more. Both the Roasted…