The Bronze Star Medal: Vietnam War

By | August 29, 2018

The author is a Vietnam War veteran, having served in the Mekong Delta in 1967. His unit. Mobile Support Team TWO, Detachment Alpha, was a top secret United States Naval Special Warfare team, composed of specially trained personnel from Boat Support Unit One and from SEAL Team’s ONE and TWO. In it’s inseption, this team was code named “Project Zulu”. While a lot of what this group of men did is still classified, their main purpose was to disrupt enemy ambushes of P.B.R. river boats and snatch and grab high ranking enemy officials. This was accomplished by counter ambushing the enemy deep within the forbidden reaches of the Mekong Delta and its waterways. The team often remained behind the enemy lines in enemy controlled territory for days disrupting their troop and supply movements. The main motivational factor of writing this book was not to highlight what the author did but to provide the general public and historians a chance to read about the valor and sacrifices that were made by 163 officers and enlisted men, from various points in Vietnam and at varying time frames. It is a snapshot of the real war, not created in mind by Hollywood or from mistruths often found in other books from those stealing the valor. The author himself is a recipient of The Bronze Star Medal with the Combat Distinguishing Device and feels qualified to speak about the trials and tribulations of those featured in the book. The author served eleven years in the Navy and twelve more years in the Army. He retired as a Master Sergeant E-8. He now lives in Henderson, Nevada with his wife of 40 years. .

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