The Fat Chance Cookbook: More than 100 Recipes Ready in Under 30 Minutes to Help You Lose the Sugar and the Weight

By | September 12, 2018

The companion cookbook to the New York Times bestseller Fat Chance

Fat Chance became an instant New York Times bestseller. Robert Lustig’s message that the increased sugar in our diets has led to the pandemic of chronic disease over the last thirty years captured our national attention.

Now, in The Fat Chance Cookbook, Lustig helps us put this information into action for ourselves. With more than 100 recipes as well as meal plans, nutritional analyses, shopping lists, and food swaps, he shows us easy ways to drastically reduce sugar and increase fiber to lose weight and regain health – both for ourselves and for our families. Lustig also shows us how to navigate the grocery store with handy lists for stocking the pantry as well as how to read a food label in order to find hidden sugars and evaluate fiber content.

Accessible, affordable, and geared toward lasting results, The Fat Chance Cookbook will be a fun and easy roadmap to better health for the whole family.

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Mom of 4 on 09/12/2018 at 19:55.

Recipies I almost didn’t buy this book because the sample pages did not let me see the names of the recipes or their ingredients. My family is into plain food-nothing exotic or hard to pronounce. I found plenty that won’t scare the natives:For example:Pork Loin with Apples and OnionsQuick EnchiladasSlow Oven-Smoked BrisketItalian Style MeatballsChicken Braised with Onions and TomatoesNo guilt fish tendersOld fashioned Beef StewThere are…

onewhowatches on 09/12/2018 at 20:01.

Read the original book “Fat Chance” I was extremely disappointed in this book. It is as if Dr. Lustig didn’t even read the recipes having someone else create them for the book. I have been very impressed with Dr. Lustig’s work, his TED talks, his adamant confrontation of the sugar and food giants. Yet, recipe after recipe contained way beyond Dr. Lustig’s personal recommendation as to the amount of sugar to consume on a daily basis. I was expecting to find a good series of quality recipes contained within the suggestions of…

O. Torres on 09/12/2018 at 20:32.

Plain language; excellent results.