The Mediterranean Table: Simple Recipes for Healthy Living on the Mediterranean Diet

By | September 9, 2016

In the age of green smoothie detoxes and elimination diets, it’s easy to forget that you can actually enjoy flavorful, satisfying food and live a more healthful life. The cuisine of the Mediterranean is some of most nourishing and delicious in the world, and The Mediterranean Table includes more than 150 recipes that promise to make keeping the Mediterranean diet a natural, simple lifestyle change.

While other Mediterranean cookbooks have a strict culinary focus or a strict diet focus, The Mediterranean Table marries the two―and proves that you don’t have to have a Sicilian grandmother to fill your kitchen with the flavors and traditions of this classic way of eating. With cooking tips, easy-to-prepare recipes, detailed nutritional information, an at-a-glance meal plan, and regional spotlights for every recipe, The Mediterranean Table will take readers on a culinary journey through Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, all while sharing a time-tested tradition of healthy eating.

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J.P. on 09/09/2016 at 14:57.

Simple Mediterranean Recipes Not being very familiar with Mediterranean food, I initially flipped through the book, saw recipes like “Clam Cataplana with Chourico” and “Pan Con Tomate with Jamon Serrano” and thought ‘No way am I cooking ANY of this.’ I was convinced all the recipes would be out of my league, both in skill and ingredient availability. But I was WRONG! A few days after my initial glance, I picked it back up, actually read some of the recipes and to my humbled surprise, was able to…

Peyton's Momma on 09/09/2016 at 15:24.

Explore Mediterranean Dishes I love to cook and also love Mediterranean food. The Mediterranean Table: Simple Recipes for Healthy Living on a Mediterranean diet is a wonderful book for those wanting to explore Mediterranean cooking. The first 2 chapters give you information and knowledge about cooking Mediterranean, why it’s good for you and how to pick ingredients and why you want to use certain ingredients. But once you are past the first two chapters there are 12 chapters full of recipes!The categories…