The Message Ministry Edition (Softcover, Green): The Bible in Contemporary Language

By | June 24, 2019

Increase your ministry’s impact with The Message Ministry Edition. At this great low price, churches and ministries can give it away to guests, small groups, and Sunday school classes.

New Bible readers will relate to The Message’s thoughtful language. Lifelong believers will be surprised by its deep insights. Offer everyone a Bible they’ll enjoy reading.

They can dive even deeper using these great features . . .

  • Book Introductions help them spot each book’s big ideas.
  • “The Story of the Bible in Five Acts” helps them see the Bible’s big picture.
  • Timelines, charts, and maps help them navigate the Bible world.
  • The Message’s unique, verse-numbered paragraphs help them find any passage.
  • Eugene Peterson’s introduction helps them make the most of a “reading Bible.”

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Product Features

  • Message Ministry Edition

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Anonymous on 06/24/2019 at 12:12.

For a non-bible reader: excellent. For the self-professed scholar: excellent – and humbling. If your a brand new Bible reader the Message Bible is an excellent choice. You might find the rest of this review a bit much, but will find substantiation for that previous statement if you care to continue.Being a Christian for 34 years and a student of biblical/political history, Greek and Hebrew I’d previously shunned all the “NFG’s” (the new-fangled-versions) as I call them, because of reasons that would be a thesis here on it’s own. Enter the Message Bible just before…

Anonymous on 06/24/2019 at 12:32.

VERY TINY PRINT. So disappointed after reading many reviews about it being larger print. I am VERY frustrated with Amazon. It seems that there is one listing for this product that combines various versions into the one listing. I just received mine today, but the print is so small that I cannot read it! Yet when I read the reviews (as I did before purchasing), MANY people commented that they appreciated the LARGE print on this version. So which is it? Some posted that they had received a tiny print version first, and then reordered – getting a larger print version the next time (or…