The New Basics: A-to-Z Baby & Child Care for the Modern Parent

By | June 29, 2016

Dr. Michel Cohen, named by the New York Post as the hip, “must-have” pediatrician, has an important message for parents: Don’t worry so much. In an easy-reference alphabetical format, The New Basics clearly lays out the concerns you may face as aparent and explains how to solve them — without fuss, without stress, and without harming your child by using unnecessary medicines or interventions.

With sensitivity and love, Dr. Michel describes proven techniques for keeping your children healthy and happy without driving yourself crazy. He will show you how to set positive habits for sleeping and eating and how to treat ailments early and effectively. You’ll learn when antibiotics are helpful and when they can be harmful. If you’re having trouble breast feeding, pumping, or bottle weaning, Dr. Michel has the advice to set you back on track. If after several months your baby is still not sleeping through the night, The New Basics will provide you with tried-and-true methods to help ease this difficult transition for babies and parents.

Dr. Michel recognizes that you’re probably asking the same questions his own patients’ parents frequently ask, so he includes a section called “Real Questions from Real Parents” throughout the book. You’ll find important answers about treating asthma, head injuries, fevers, stomach bugs, colic, earaches, and other ailments. More than just a book on how to care for your child’s physical well-being, The New Basics also covers such parenting challenges as biting, hitting, ADD, separation anxiety, how to prevent the terrible twos (and threes and fours …), and preparing your child for a new sibling.

Pediatrician Michel Cohen delights in offering anxious parents unconventional wisdom about children and toddlers: “less medicine is often the best medicine.” Following an A to Z format, Cohen successfully skewers myths about every aspect of childcare. Using generic case kids “Lucy” and “Jimmy,” and “real questions from real parents” he offers a compendium of health care information. Whether talking about behavior (bed-wetting, thumb sucking, school anxiety), symptoms (green mucus, earwax or eczema), or prevention (immunization, vitamins, toothbrushing), Cohen’s approach is fresh and his tone is wise and wry–when discussing the drawbacks of medication for carsickness, he suggests that the best remedy is a plastic bag. Consistent core beliefs underline Cohen’s alphabet: Doctors should not medicate all ills, antibiotics weaken natural immunity, you can’t spoil your baby, but you can spoil your life. This practical, enjoyable guide is limited only by its short A-Z format–the information is so clear and valuable that parents will surely want to hear more from Dr. Cohen. –Barbara Mackoff

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Jocelyn L. on 06/29/2016 at 16:44.

helpful new mom here, living in brooklyn and going to tribeca ped. i got dr. sears’ “the baby book”, i got the enzo’s “babywise” (these seem to be on opposite ends of the parenting philosophy spectrum) and i got this one. this seems to strike a good balance and has sensible suggestions for sleep training, food training and discipline.the alphabetical organization is a little unusual, and i wish there were a better way to separate the parenting philosophy-type sections–ie:…

A. Allison on 06/29/2016 at 16:45.

Wonderful advice! Every new parent should own it! Having a medical background, I didn’t feel I would need a book telling me how to take care of my new baby. Boy, was I wrong. After the first week of my daughter having difficulty nursing, crying for no apparent reason and doing all the other strange things that new babies do, I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the situation and by the even more strange and conflicting advice I was receiving by well-intentioned family and friends. I decided I needed help. At the nearest book store I was…