Wheat Belly Flat Abs: Burn the Wheat & Burn the Pounds

By | October 15, 2018

Wheat Belly Flat Abs: Burn the Wheat & Burn the Pounds includes four amazing cookbooks in one amazing book to help you lose that stubborn belly fat and get the abs of your desire. These bundled books are:

  • Weight Watchers Smart Points Cookbook
  • Ketogenic Diet for Beginners
  • 10 Day Ketogenic Cleanse

This book will not only show you all the ways that wheat is making you sick, making you fatter, and ruining your weight loss and health goals, but also deliver cookbook recipes that will cater to that very goal of cutting wheat from your diet and replacing them with healthy and delicious alternatives.

Within this book you will learn:

  • Why wheat is bad for your body
  • What the risks of a wheat-laden diet are
  • The science behind the questions
  • Tips on how to eliminate wheat and encourage weight loss
  • Replacements for when you just must carb

Everyone loves fresh, warm, fluffy bread. But who loves a fluffy waistline? This is the book that explains why, and shows you how kicking wheat off your plate will help you achieve a balanced, and even more satisfied, state of health!

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