Wheat Belly Slow Cooker Kitchen (volume 2):: Top 70 Easy-To-Cook Wheat Belly Slow Cooker Recipes to Help You Lose the Weight and Gain Total Health (A Low-Carb, Gluten, Sugar and Wheat Free Cookbook)

By | November 25, 2015

“Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health”

The wheat belly slow cooker kitchen is a beginner’s guide to the wheat belly dieting. It will revolutionized the way you think about your health by exposing you to the devastating effects of wheat, sugar, and carbs on the brain and empowering you with the knowledge in making the right decision on your daily dieting.

If you eat the right foods, you can profoundly affect how your brains will be working this year, next year, in five years, and for the rest of your lives.

This book is more than just about getting rid of the belly, but rather about putting your health in the best possible position it can be. You get very practical advice on how to make this transition as smoothly as possible with tricks and tips that have helped so many of Dr. Williams’ patients and readers. And expanding up what his neurologist colleague Dr. David Perlmutter shared in his 2013 New York Times bestselling book Grain Brain , Dr. Davis gives all the preventative measures in dealing with such neurodegenerative diseases as seizures, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease and well as many other quality of life issues. They are related to nutrition, which will be revelation to so many who read this book.

MY WHEAT BELLY COOKBOOK This book is the perfect companion to Wheat Belly and is the logical next step for anyone choosing to take charge of their health through nutrition. If you have an autoimmune disease, diabetes, chronic headaches, inflammation, thyroid disorder, mood swings, low energy, low libido or a shocking array of other health disruptions, you must read this book.

This book is a great sit-down read, as well as a beginner’s guide to the wheat belly diets. This book contains other “hacks” as described in the wheat belly Diet, which will make you feel really transform. I personally assure you that you will feel your best (sharper, happier, calmer) eating wheat free diet. I have recommended this type of diet to my patients and many have testified that the feel calmer, happier and have lost weight, without feeling hungry or unsatisfied.

Once you’ve tasted how delicious the wheat belly diet is, it will be easy to keep making the right choices each day that will pave the way for brain health.

……………………………..SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get into your kitchen and take control of your health!……………

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Denniger Bolton on 11/25/2015 at 06:05.

Some real winners here The title of this book was a bit confusing to me until I got into actually reading the book. Wheat, that staple of our diet is frowned on these days, so the recipes in this book are all non-wheat recipes with the purpose of reducing one’s belly. It turns out the recipes are low carb, gluten, sugar and wheat free and even grain free. I’ve tried a few of the recipes and they are delicious and thanks to the author, Betty Moore, I learned some things about grains that for one, they are…

Faith Winters on 11/25/2015 at 06:33.

Very useful read and so yummy recipes This book aims to empower you with powerful dieting plan that cuts through the misinterpretations, misconceptions, misleading marketing, and bad science that passes as nutritional and health information. If you eliminate wheat from your diet you will learn why going wheat-free is more than getting rid of the belly, but rather about putting your health in the best possible position it can be through all season. This amazing book provides recipes to make this transition as smoothly as possible…